Astrini Design - spatial form and the need to express beauty | Astrini-Design
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Astrini Design’s ambition is to create smart and unique hybrids that combine economics and ecology in order to ensure conscious interpretation and response to contemporary threats through functional design. We create EKO_logical design


Design with the guiding principle of “design for all” providing space for nature and planet next to the user or a human being. That is why our collections, although made of polyester laminate, have a very long life, in fact – they never age! On the other hand, the forms enable free interpretation of their functionality – they can be a seat, a stand, an outdoor gym or a flower container.

The need to create

Art on a city scale

Astrini furniture was created from the need to create a modern urban space that would combine aesthetics and functionality to express one’s self.


Andrzej Stróżyk, Project’s Patron

The city is a common place of thousands of individuals … hundreds of views, styles and habits… Public space is a place for each of them.
We want to be unique, we want it to express, and we want it to be a response to the needs of everyone and each individually. We want to create an image of a modern and strong city.

Individual projects

We have experience in individual orders and creation of utterly unique things. We take up cooperation in innovative projects, not only to engage our skill base but also to provide assistance in finding the form our customers are looking for. Manual work, which takes place at certain production stages, allows us to take care of the smallest details and distinguish the product from others.

Perfect match

Astrini Design furniture is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also functional – it fits perfectly into the space of the city, park, square, market, school.

Highest quality

Carefully selected top quality raw materials guarantee excellent quality of our products, their durability and resistance to dirt, mechanical damage and weather conditions, as these are the properties of polyester-glass laminate.

Unlimited color range

Unlimited range of colours, which thanks to innovative technology applied in production allows us to create objects in any colour.