Plastic armchairs and poufs. | Astrini-Design
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Armchairs Altese

Classic shapes and resistant materials

Altese elegant seats which design attach to kings throne look.

Shape and correlated with it comfort of use allow to users to feel as king or queen.

Armchairs Modulo

Stability and versatility

Furniture made from glass reinforced polyester. They are characterized by high endurance, stability and resistant to weather conditions.

Comfortable, streamlined shapes in addition with interesting design make them to find use in many places.

Armchairs and pufs Raffy

Modern shapes and pleasant rest

Furniture intriguind with it’s non-obvious shape.

The collection includes armchairs and pufs.

They going to be a perfectly fill of more than one spaces, guaranteeing a pleasant rest.

Armchairs Sliced

Indoor and outdoor

A seat designed for many applications, free from the many limitations of other technologies.

It allows free use regardless of the season of the year, both indoors and outdoors.

Armchairs Ublo

Elegance and comfort

A line of products with delicate, rounded shapes ensuring full relaxation.

The combination of elegance and modern design while maintaining balance has managed to create beautiful and comfortable furniture for both external and internal use.