Fiberglass – polyester laminates | Astrini-Design
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    About This Project

    Fiberglass – polyester laminates

    Fiberglass-polyester laminates are already used in construction, wind power, railway, aerospace, automotive, chemical, machinery and decorative industries.
    They will become irreplaceable in the coming years in each and every of these trades.




    Laminates are versatile and comprehensive. We use them in homes, we use them in public places, and we use them in technologically advanced industries. They are durable and lightweight, they are easy to form, and they meet high standards of safety and quality. They successfully are replacing traditional materials and technologies. They allow the realization of futuristic projects that have been so far too expensive or too difficult to implement.


    Fiberglass-polyester laminates are famous for their corrosion resistance. They can meet strict requirements – they tolerate mechanical, chemical and environmental impact. They are easy to wash, maintain and retain their original parameters and appearance for a long time. However, the most important advantage of them is the ease of modeling, the ability to create small and large elements

    Modern technology

    Production of ultra-fast trains, wind turbines, ships and aircraft cannot go without fiberglass-polyester laminates these days. In the near future they will become even more indispensable, obvious and desirable in our environment. We invite you to familiarize yourself with information regarding the technologies used in the processing of fiberglass-polyester laminates.