Modular benches ModUllaro - urban furniture | Astrini-Design
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Modular benches ModUllaro – urban furniture

ModUllaro. Ancient Greece is considered the cradle of European architecture. It is in Greece that the beginnings of ideas such as divine proportion and three architectural orders can be found.
Also, the concept of five elements originates from Greece. Plato believed that the material world is composed of five elements present in varying proportions.
Our concept of five modules follows this path and even though it is not possible to build the whole Platonic world with our furniture, it enables the equally creative development of public spaces.


ModUllaro is more than a collection of benches. It is an artistic tool which can be used to model the space where the same elements combined in different ways allow us to achieve completely different effects.
By combining straight and arc benches we can build a bench of considerable length, writhing like a snake. The same elements arranged in a square serve as a fenced zone, e.g. to be used as a space for children. Four arc benches, on the other hand, placed next to each other, form a central seat with a perfect spot for a plant pot.
The smartness of modular solutions lies in the fact that just a few innovative elements can be used to create a space where only our imagination is the limit.