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    About This Project

    City announcement – advertising pole

    Advertising pole – it is a kind of outdoor street commercial.  Originally destined to present posters and local announcements. Today advertising poles more often are used as carrier of large-scale  advertisement. Advertisings not rarely takes whole surface of advertising pole.

    Advertising pole gains now a new youth. Spread of new landscape act, new way of advertisement placing, even such where adhesive is not required, cause reappearing of interest of advertisement carrier as it advertising pole.

    In current landscape of cities, still dominate advertisement poles of old kind. Non esthetic, very often damaged, concrete advertisement pole, each one with different dimension. By his own look they decline esthetic value of place where they stand. Additionally they rise administrative and usage costs.

    City announcement – advertising pole Sopran

    City announcement – advertising pole Tenor

    Welcome boards

    The first impression is always very important. The first ‘good morning’ can have colossal importance in the future reception. We have therefore created a pole welcoming people travelling into the town and showing them the advantages and character of the place.


    The basis is its lightness, functionality, elegance and modern design.
    Our designers created the main ‘line’ of the pole based on those foundations. Taking into account each town/city is different and wants to exhibit something different, it is a very flexible project, keeping the foundation, it is tailored-made to the expectations and imaginings, so that the pole expressed the town’s/city’s best first ‘good morning’.


    Each town/city is unique, therefore each designed project of the welcoming board is one of a kind.


    Among the small urban architecture bins are the most common. You cannot help to appreciate their function.


    We still often see unsettling, rusting structures that spoil the image of increasingly beautiful Polish cities. We therefore decided to create a bin that would not only be functional but that would too be aesthetically pleasing.


    The design of the bin is based on the design of the advertising pole Tenor. Together they create a harmonious and extremely elegant composition of the small urban architecture. They are equally stylish surrounded by flower pots or/and benches.

    Alternatively, as is the case with the advertising pole, the bin can be decorated in city/town’s crest, giving it a more individual character.


    The bis is made of fire resistant fiberglass – polyester laminate.

    Astrini Design