The "SOL" lounger - swimming pool loungers and garden deckchairs with elegance. | Astrini-Design
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SOL  lounger

SOL lounger is a product that combines the functionality of swimming pool loungers and garden deckchairs with elegance.


Its slender lines integrate perfectly with other elements of “small architecture”. Thanks to the “lightness” of the workmanship, it perfectly blends into common spaces. A square in the middle of the city, a relaxation zone in the shopping center or the interiors of cultural facilities. It will also perfectly fit into the design of SPA / Wellness zones. The line and shape of the SOL lounger provide users with maximum comfort while maintaining aesthetic values.


Moreover, we have not forgotten about the original function that sun loungers should perform, i.e. a swimming pool seat. The properties of the material from which it is made make it perfect for use both indoors and outdoors.