Astrini Design - urban architecture, modern benches
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we dECOrate the world

furniture that never gets old

Small urban architecure – we associate this term with flower pots, benches, advertising poles and bins. You can find these elements in parks and other urban areas. These products are often simple and unsophisticated, mostly made of metal or wood. Some people cannot imagine having them made of other materials. Nothing more wrong. We can now see small urban architecure made of plastic more and more; for exmaple benches. Benches made of metal, corrode with time and require maintenance and painting. They get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter, making it unbearable to sit.


Fiberglass – polyester laminate does not absorbe heat and keeps the same temperature throughout the year, so the laminate benches are safe at all times. Wooden benches on the other hand are subject to the risk of arson and rotting. Small architectural elements made of fiberglass-polyester laminate are extremely durable and resistant to weather conditions, including UV. An additional advantage is the use of flame retardant companonents and utility values such as ease of maintenance and surface esthetics.


Although physical properties are extremely important, they are not the dominant factor when chosing the small architecuture. Cities are often looking for furniture that would reflect their unique character and allow them to stand out. Astrini Design brand specializes in manufacturing high-functionality components and unique designs. We also produce individual orders, based on projects of architectural studios or city Halls.

The times when shopping centers were only consumer functions are way gone. It is safe to say Poles are most likely to spend their free Sundays in the shopping centers. Competition among the shopping centers is growing. The key to success is not only to attract new customers but also to retain previously acquired clients. In case, where shopping centers are dominated by the same store and brand chains, the variety of shopping offers often comes second when chosing a shopping location. This is why common spaces are now factor number one.


Comfortable relaxation zones, elegant furniture, flower pots is what makes shopping centers different. We all like to go back to the places we felt good at, we liked the look of, places that were interesting and unconventional. Understanding these trends and importance of the elements of small architecture helps us create our shopping center furniture collection. City Alphabet and Due collections, consisting of tables, flower pots and benches, not only attract the attention because of their look but also provide a variety of other functions.


We do not limit ourselves to own on projects. We are open to the ideas of investors, administrators, or companies designing shopping centers. Together we can create fully personalized and distinctive collection of elements and furniture for shopping centers based on fiberglass-polyester laminate technology.

Today’s times are dominated by the desire to stand out from the crowd with a unique look. We are dealing with this trend not only in fashion, automotive or electronics. Small urban architecture does not stay behind in that respect. Cities, shopping centers, businesses, institutions are all looking for exceptional elements with a high aesthetic value.


There are many talented designers, people with great ideas.
There is also no lack of investors looking for interesting solutions for their ventures.

Astrini Design complements this group by offering individual projects.


Qualified staff and many years of experience in creating elements made of fiberglass-polyester laminates helps us meet the expectations of each task assigned , advise on best solution and work together smoothly with designers and investors.