Lotta Rickshaw – ecological urban vehicle | Astrini-Design
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    About This Project

    Lotta Rickshaw – ecological urban vehicle

    Rickshaw is a popular around the world, eco-friendly way to travel around the city. Its prototype was created nearly 200 years ago in Japan and the traditional rickshaw is still present in many countries, also European.


    We added a drop of modernity, brushed it with modernism and powdered it with innovation worthy of the 21st century.


    Lotta is a unique urban vehicle. The bodywork is built of lightweight and durable fiberglass-polyester laminate, the seat and the backrest are covered with the customer’s choice of material, always of the highest quality. Body colors and upholstery are chosen by the customer. The rickshaw can be driven by the strength of human muscles or by a built-in electric motor with a replaceable battery.


    The challenge was to reach the maximum extent of the rickshaw, and here the result is impressive, about 60 km with one charging. Charging time is only 2 hours. It is characterized by maneuverability, comfort and original aesthetics. Quiet, elegant and safe form to please most users. No carbon footprint and high functionality make Lotta the perfect vehicle to get around the crowded streets. Rickshaw has the option of installing solar panels on the roof supporting battery charging. It is a perfect vehicle from an economic and ecological point of view. Lotta Rickshaw is a respect for tradition and nod to modern solutions looking after the environment.